Making Dragon Ball Scouter Font


I have been a huge Dragon Ball fan since I was a kid. After Dragon Ball Super’s release in 2015, I joined the r/dbz subreddit to keep in touch with everything DBZ.

Day 1 (19th April 2019)

The first post was made on 18th April 2019 around 9:30 (IST) in the morning. After I noticed it (it had already been some 10–12 hours), I spent a few hours preparing and learning about font making. I decided upon making the glyphs using Inkscape and then using FontForge to make the font files. Among the various ideas I had, two seemed viable.

  1. Make the glyphs on a 3x3 grid like u/SummerFlux roughly did on paper

Day 2 (20th April 2019)

Two days later, when I opened Reddit and Github to check for any progress. Someone had mentioned me on the follow up post u/SummerFlux had made about the complete deciphered alphabet. I was intrigued by how was he/she able to do it so quickly. He/She found a pattern in the letters he/she had already deciphered where some glyphs repeated after every 7 letters in a changed orientation. According to this pattern, he/she figured out the whole alphabet. Image of the deciphering pattern

The 3x3 grid-based font design:

After finishing the tracing based fonts, I started working on the 3x3 grid-based design. It took me around 30 minutes to finish and I was about to upload them as well when I noticed u/TopHoJo’s comment about a font he/she had made. It was also based on a 3x3 grid and looked similar (not identical) to my work. I liked the font and decided to not upload mine and give preference to the existing one.

In the News:

u/SummerFlux ‘s work was featured on an online news website Newsweek. I believe it received much less attention than it deserved and hopefully, someone notices it again in the future.


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